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This course will give you an overview of the different types of content that we have created; these include podcasts, curated video content, case studies, infographics, knowledge briefs and learning snapshots.  The course comprises a set of different lessons, each on a different topic.

The lessons are related to leading a business during times of uncertainty and crisis, such as that experienced during COVID-19.

The lessons lead the entrepreneur through an understanding of our changing world, providing some tools and inputs to make sense of difficult and challenging work and life environments.  This is followed by a lesson focussed on building basic leadership skills and a lesson showing ways to lead during times of crisis.  The final two lessons are centred on building knowledge and skill related to strategic planning and scenario planning, and thereafter how to engage with investors when raising capital during volatile and uncertain times.

While assessment can be included as part of the lesson structure, this feature has not been activated with the sample content.

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