Scenario Planning & Investment in a COVID World

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Course Description

This second course provides an opportunity to engage with strategy, scenario planning, and decision making during times of crisis, risk, and uncertainty. The current COVID-19 pandemic represents a very unique time in our lives and a very particular type of crisis – one that carries with it both risks and uncertainty. Having built on our leadership skills and capabilities during the previous course, you will now have the opportunity to put these to the test as you consider ways in which you can make sense of the context and environment, and devise strategies, scenarios and decisions that grow your businesses and build dynamic capabilities.  The course consists of five lessons – each comprises a selection of microlearning content made up of case studies, learning briefs, videos, podcasts, and infographics.  Each piece of learning content is designed to be quickly read, understood, and applied.  We have done the reading for you and provided the most important facts in an easy to use and apply format.  No piece of content will take you more than 15-minutes to read and apply.

Lessons in this course:

  • A changing world
  • Strategic thinking and scenario planning
  • Risk, uncertainty, and decision making
  • Developing dynamic capabilities
  • Investing in uncertain times
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