Supporting entrepreneurs to take on a new world

Since 2015, Cape Town-based RocketSchool, the focused entrepreneurship start-up school has piloted a new path in entrepreneurship training and education in South Africa. RocketSchool’s engaging Experiential Learning Programmes nurture and support entrepreneurs, their start-up ideas and businesses in the process of intensive learning, thus reinforcing knowledge within a useful and relevant context.


RocketSchool helps you learn what really matters in fuelling your future.


‘ … the RocketSchool approach helps to bring understanding and insight to people who are not familiar with entrepreneurship.  I found the programme fun, engaging and informative …’

(Rock, Cote d Voire)


‘ RocketSchool’s entrepreneurship programme helped me think through my business idea and develop a business model that was easy to articulate and clear to implement’.

(Ruchelle, South Africa)


‘RocketSchool and Dr Jonathan Marks are an innovative and creative team!  I found the commitment and dedication to the participant to be exceptional’.

(Bev, Netherlands)


‘ … my time with Dr Jonathan Marks was well spent – I achieved what I wanted for the programme and felt the ongoing support and commitment throughout my journey. ‘

(Sam, Ghana)

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