Fueling Futures

Rocketschool is a dedicated startup business school that helps early-stage entrepreneurs to maximise their potential and the likelihood of success.

About Us

Starting a new venture is tough - plenty of unknowns and pitfalls exist. Having an experienced partner to guide you as you go makes a huge difference. This is RocketSchool. We bring knowledge, experience and know-how to each of our programs and are here to guide and support you. We are the fuel to your future.

Our Work

We develop tools, resources, and training to support early-stage entrepreneurs. Focusing on micro-learning content, we provide the skills and knowledge you need as and when you need it. From ebooks to online training, we are committed to giving you the right tools at the right time.

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We would love to connect - to help, advise, support and encourage your entrepreneurial journey.

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Thank you for connecting - we look forward to being part of your startup journey.